vrijdag 22 januari 2010


DB's ( a club in Utrecht which is approved by the members of the Chase Club) booked some fine bands. Come over and drink

Friday 12 February

the King Khan & BBQ show (one of two Dutch shows, the other is in Paradiso, and is more expensive and far less fun for sure!); support by ET Explore Me)

Sunday 14 February

Eddie Angel (guitarist of Los Straitjackets/Planet Rockers/Neanderthals)

And the really BIG news is:
our good, good friends THE COSMIC PSYCHOS will come to dB's for 2 shows on 12 & 13 March, their third show will be in VERA on 11 March. Three European shows only (in fact, Ross flies in on Wednesday evening and flies back on Sunday morning, bad ass mottafucka.)

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