vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

what we did - what we will do

WHAT WE DID.......

After playing whit the strange boys in tilburg ....
and havin fun in "de Vera" groningen ... we became " 3voor12 Hollandse Nieuwe"

WHAT WE WILL DO ....(?!)

We're going to play with dutch punk rockers Loud Squirt and the desert rat bunny called NObunny..... ArEA51 -Eindje NL

After that is going to be INTRUBATE @ INCUBATE 17 sept in Tilburg (Holland)

+ Cheap Time is comming to town ...... 7 -10 -2010 @ de Altstadt , Eindhoven .......

vrijdag 18 juni 2010

TCC - Airport Lounge record ......

<a href="http://thechaseclub.bandcamp.com/album/airport-lounge">... by the chase club</a>

little lady ....homewrecker


TCC will play 9 july @ Zimmer frei EHV

and in the meanwhile woody and paul will show up here this summer:

"de parade, geuzenpop, solar festival, pleinpop ..... "


check it out !!!!

donderdag 8 april 2010

update .....tcc/the candy snatchers/woody and paul

hey kids,

after a long long winter , the recordings are finally done, check out our new songs on our myspace,

some of the songs are gonna be released on our first cassette tape, we are siked....more info about that soon..

don't for get :19 may @ Area 51 Eindhoven with the hex dispensers...

Look out for the Candy Snatchers this spring....

Euro tour - Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (check myspace for dates)

I will leave with some Woody and Paul dates:


25 apr Azijn fabriek , Roermond
30 apr Effenaar, Eindhoven
22 mei, Jazz in duke town, Den Bosch

more dates to come...

bye bye (e)

modern girls want rock n roll ....

bye bye ...

zondag 21 maart 2010

Lost Bands?!

hi kids,
yours truly .....senor Roxa that is.....is digging these bands lately...have a swing !

Beat Happening:

Galaxie 500:

Yo La Tengo:

Dead Elvis in China

Hi Kids,
our good friend DE is rocking in China!
bis bald friend!

donderdag 18 maart 2010


a bad year for RnR already with the death af Alex Chilton
read a nice article about the man here.

maandag 15 februari 2010

19 may we play with the cool Hex Dispensers @ AREA 51 (ehv) drop by!

dinsdag 2 februari 2010

new songs from the chase club, ASE RIP & more...

brothers/sisters and non-believers,
check out the new chase club songs on their myspace...

what we are going to do,

11 feb. Woody & Paul @ pakhuis groningen (NL)

27 feb. Woody & Paul @ fish and chips antwerpen (BE)

6 mar. DIELIKEDISCO @ area51 EHV (!)

with hooghwater/the reactionaries/the risque (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)


Last week roxa told me that howlin' mad mitchy decided to pull the plug on A Sonic Ensemble ..

take care (E)

golden apples by the country teasers

it keeps me up all night long .....(E)

zondag 31 januari 2010

Ohio (indie)rockstate number 1 back in the 80´s / 90's

Must have been a great place to drink ....back then:


New Bomb Turks:

Death of Samantha:

Thomas Jefferson Slave Appatments:

My Dad is Dead:

the number one band

Also cool
V3, Cobra Verde, Greenhorn and Blue

zaterdag 30 januari 2010


Be there! cause were there:

Dielike Disco

Die like Disco! 6 maart Area51 met :::::: Hooghwater / The Reactionaries / The Risque / dj Freeloaders / WOES / vj Schwarzweide / Joshua van Iersel / to shop 'de braderie' / Doortje Originals ::::::o

fun review

he he here at the Headquarter, we dig this fun review in Vice.
It's not about us but read it anyway (sorry dutch only) you sickos:


Strange Way Records
Waarom zijn de No Goods cooler dan The Madd? Waarom speelt de Madd 3 keer per week en zitten de jongens van de No Goods ieder weekend uit het raam te kijken? Waarom had ik niet eerder van Stompin’ Souls gehoord? Waarom schijten beren in het bos?


dinsdag 26 januari 2010

New Recordings

Recordings are coming to an end. First vinyl singel will be expected spring 2010. So save $ and don´t spend it all on carnavalle...

Flying nun / New Zealand pop

Here at the Headquarter of The Chase Club we´re into some 80-90´s New Zealand pop. Mostly released on the a cool flying nun records.

The Clean:

The Verlaines:

Tall Dwarfs:

Also cool: The Chills and The Bats

zondag 24 januari 2010

vrijdag 22 januari 2010

Charlie and the Moonhearts

Some new band we dig :

De Freeloaders

Sorry Dutch only:
De Freeloaders zijn zeer bedreven in het drinken van gratis bier en wodka. Het is een kunst. Bovendien houden ze zo geld over om platen te kopen. Feestplaten! GOEDE platen!! En die kunnen ze vanavond mooi delen met ons! De Freeloaders draaien garagepunk, soul, surf, powerpop, rocknroll... van alles eigenlijk. Misschien af en toe wat smerig, maar altijd GOED!!!

Eerst volgende drinkronde is 6 maart 2010 in de Area 51 Eindhoven. Kom langs en drink met ze. Mocht je ze een keer van bier willen voorzien mail ze op thechaseclub@gmail.com


DB's ( a club in Utrecht which is approved by the members of the Chase Club) booked some fine bands. Come over and drink

Friday 12 February

the King Khan & BBQ show (one of two Dutch shows, the other is in Paradiso, and is more expensive and far less fun for sure!); support by ET Explore Me)

Sunday 14 February

Eddie Angel (guitarist of Los Straitjackets/Planet Rockers/Neanderthals)

And the really BIG news is:
our good, good friends THE COSMIC PSYCHOS will come to dB's for 2 shows on 12 & 13 March, their third show will be in VERA on 11 March. Three European shows only (in fact, Ross flies in on Wednesday evening and flies back on Sunday morning, bad ass mottafucka.)

donderdag 21 januari 2010

Yeah Right

from kinda music:

Jay Reatard - inwoner van Memphis, Elvishater en explosieve punkrocker met een onwaarschijnlijke discografie en een ruig leven - is op dinsdag 12 januari op 29-jarige leeftijd in zijn eigen bed overleden. Waar wij Denvis hebben, daar hadden ze in de States Jay Reatard. KindaMuzik blikt terug op het leven van een klassiek rock-'n-rollbeest met een klein hartje.

He he Denvis vergelijken met Jay Reatard...het moet niet gekker worden...

necessary evil part I

Once in a while we post a clip of the best band that ever lived .. here's part I

Mannequin Men

Dear Members,
they made the best record of 2009 ..so buy it!

Hex Dispensers

Fans of the Chase Club,
Hex Dispensers on tour.
check www.kissnrun.com for more details

Mister T Segall

Members of the Chase Club ...Ty Segall is coming (may-june 2010) to Europe ..we're trying to fix a show for Einhoven..stay tuned.


Whoe..........finally a dutch band worth mentioning!

donderdag 14 januari 2010

you could hear that train commin' .......

31-1-2010 @ effenaar, Eindhoven

26-2-2010 @ the rambler, Eindhoven

6-3-2010 @ aera51 skatepark , Eindhoven

DIE LIKE DISCO! more info soon....

29-3-2010 @ effenaar , Eindhoven

still working on....

the chase club - c-sides home recordings EP (spring/summer 2010)
Woody and Paul - Hero and Zero's LP/CD (summer 2010)

just out there.....

We will leave you with ........(!!!!!)

peace out,

What happened sunday ....